Mask Afraid

Introducing Mask Afraid, a remarkable NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Our collection consists of 5,555 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 tokens. Each Mask Afraid NFT serves as your key to an exclusive community and brand experience.

Unlock the world of Mask Afraid and gain access to extraordinary perks. As a holder, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits, starting with our roadmap-activated features. Be part of the journey as we unveil exciting areas and perks for our community.

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Road map

Phase 1 - Phase 2

May 2022 - June 2023

Phase 1: Community Building and Growth

Over the course of more than a year, we have been diligently building a strong and engaged community around Mask Afraid. Through various initiatives, we have attracted passionate members, created a whitelist, and fostered a vibrant community spirit. As a token of appreciation, we will host exciting giveaways and contests throughout the month of June, leading up to our highly anticipated launch

July 2023 - Sep 2023

Phase 2: NFT Minting and Exclusive Benefits

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived! On July 25, 2023, we will kick off the first phase of minting with 1,800 unique NFTs. Each Mask Afraid NFT will come with exclusive perks, including a complimentary bundle of 1,000 limited-edition merchandise items, available only to our valued community members. Alongside the minting process, we will reveal the captivating designs of our NFT collection, captivating the world with our unique and diverse artwork

Phase 3 - Phase 4

Sep 2023 - Dec 2023

Phase 3: Token Distribution and Platform Deployment

Once all three minting phases are complete, we will distribute the highly anticipated MASK TOKEN (MSK) to all NFT holders, marking a significant milestone in our project. With the deployment of our cutting-edge platform, our community will gain access to a range of rewards, including exclusive merchandise, tickets to events, 3D models, and much more

Dec 2023 - Rest Era

Phase 4: Burning and the Evolution of Mask Afraid

As we continue to evolve and innovate, we will introduce a captivating new 3D collection, building upon the success of Mask Afraid. In a thrilling twist, we will initiate the burning of selected NFTs, offering a transition into this new chapter and providing holders with exclusive perks associated with the evolved collection. This phase will unlock fresh opportunities and rewards for our community, further solidifying Mask Afraid's position as a trailblazer in the NFT space

White Paper

Partnerships & Utilities

Unlock discounts on concerts, festivals, and private events through strategic partnerships.

Community Wallet

Allocate funds to purchase promising NFTs and share in the community's success.

Exclusive Merchandise

Stand out with limited-edition merchandise reflecting your passion for NFTs.


Nominate a charity of your choice and make a positive difference.

Prize Pool 21 ETH

As our collection expands, We giveaway ETH & Exciting rewards .

Evolving Art

Expect an upgraded 3D model NFT by year's end, maintaining the original attributes.

Token Launch

Unlock enhanced functionalities and enjoy the benefits of MSK ownership.

Advancing with AI

Immerse yourself in play-to-earn games and explore new horizons.

Our Team